Speed Monkey Cars – The European specialist for 1958 to 1966 Ford Thunderbirds and Ford Pickup trucks

Our daily job is searching US classic cars and Trucks and importing them to Europe.
We mainly buy from the northwest coast in the USA.
This area is often referred to as the high desert which makes it a ideal climate for rust free classics.

We have a network of various experienced buyers in the USA.
They search for cars and trucks and also do repairs when necessary.

We try to buy vehicles as original as possible. I rather buy old factory paint with some dents and scratches than poorly or overly restored vehicles.

All our prices have import taxes included. If you have any questions please let us know!
We work with reliable shippers and all our cars are shipped fully insured.
We are located in Ruurlo (Netherlands) and we can deliver all over Europe.

1984 Ford F250 460ci Speed Monkey Cars

Over the last couple of years Speed Monkey Cars has specialized in Ford Thunderbirds from 1958 to 1966. Besides Tbirds we also import Ford and Chevy/GMC Pickup Trucks

The Ford Thunderbird has been one of my favorite US cars for some time now. Tbirds are good looking, drive great and offer a hard to beat value for money.
This makes them one of my favorite models, besides the parts availability is also really good.

1958 to 1966 Ford Thunderbirds