1966 Ford Thunderbird Body Styles

1966 Ford Thunderbird Body Styles

Hardtop, Town Hardtop, Town Landau, and Convertible

Over the years, there has been considerable confusion over exactly which 1966 Ford Thunderbird Body Styles  were offered this model year.
This is because two new model names were used, one was retired for one year only, and people generally don’t understand what defines one model from the next. So, this is our attempt to provide clarity to the issue.

Ford Thunderbird HARDTOP Ford Thunderbird CONVERTIBLE Ford Thunderbird TOWN LANDAU Ford Thunderbird TOWN HARDTOP

The Town Landau was the best selling body style for 1966, followed in order by the Town Hardtop, Hardtop, and the Convertible. There were no special limited edition models built in 1966, and 1966 would be the final year for unitized body construction for the Thunderbird during the classic era.

The Town Hardtop was a 1966-only model, and would not be used again. The Town Landau would be brought back as a mid-year model for 1977, with a high level of standard luxury features and would continue for several more years. Ford considered calling the 1969 Thunderbird Tudor Landau a Town Landau, but that model name wasn’t actually used, despite early ad mock ups that referenced it. A Town Sedan was also planned as a 1968 Thunderbird Fordor model, but it also was dropped before production.