About us

Speed Monkey Cars has been in the USA car business for quite some years now.
It’s a hobby that got out of hand at a certain point…

We try to pick the best cars and trucks we can find with a budget in mind.
We give all our vehicles an inspection and make sure that they are drive able.
Drive able does not mean it’s a good idea to drive it home 500 kilometers right away, we only drive them a small block.

Inspected does not mean it will pass your local safety inspection.
We can however prepare a vehicle for inspection, for costs and possibilities please contact us.

We don’t do mass import but we select our vehicles carefully, we specialize in Ford Thunderbirds and Ford Trucks but aren’t shy of Chevrolet / GMC or other brands.

I try to buy vehicles as original as I can get them. I rather buy factory paint with some dents and scratches than poorly over overly restored vehicles.

All our prices have import taxes included. If you have any questions please let us know!


Ford F100