Speed Monkey USA classic car shop.

Speed Monkey USA classic car shop

Speed Monkey USA classic car shop

Before you can drive the European roads with your oldtimer, there is quite a bit that needs to be done.
If it runs and drives it does not mean it’s a good idea to drive it home 500 kilometers right away before doing a thorough inspection

All vehicles that are imported from the USA come without any registration. To register US imports they all need work, even the nice ones 🙂 

We can do a full technical evaluation of your vehicle so we can let you know exactly what needs to be done.
We can perform any repairs necesarry as this is what we do. We can also register the car at the RDW in the Netherlands.
We cannot do a TUV with H registration but we can prepare your car for it

The most generic labour that most of our imports need we can quote up front.
For the bigger jobs we do need to inspect the vehicles first, the same goes for vehicles we did not import ourselves.