USA cars and parts

USA cars and parts

Speed Monkey Cars has been in the USA cars and parts business for quite some years now.
It’s a hobby that got out of hand at a certain point…

Our daily job is searching US classic cars and Trucks and importing them to Europe.
We have a network of various experienced buyers in the USA, though we mainly buy from the northwest coast in the USA, mostly from Oregon and Washington
This area is often referred to as the high desert which makes it a ideal climate for rust free classics.

We try to pick the most original and rust free cars and trucks we can find with a budget in mind.
I rather buy faded factory paint with some dents and scratches than poorly over overly restored vehicles.

Our vehicles get an inspection in the USA to make sure they run and drive before they head our way.

Inspected does not mean it will pass your local safety inspection.
We can however prepare a vehicle for inspection, so we can offer our vehicles in several ways:
1. With USA title and EU import taxes paid (trade conditions)
2. Complete with Dutch registration / or prepared fur German TUV / H
3. Or we can do a full and / or custom restauration, the sky is the limit, actually your wallet is 🙂

All our prices have import taxes included. If you have any questions please let us know!
We work with reliable shippers and all our cars are shipped fully insured.